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Key features

  • 11" front and rear tubeless tyre
  • Connected through the user App
  • Dual braking system with disc brake and dual electronic system
  • Turn signals
  • 900W Peak Power motor
  • 40km range



Please note

Things to know before you ride

Ride with caution and always wear a helmet and protective gear. Each state and territory in Australia have different rules and regulations for using your product, including where you can legally use such products and if you need to register them with your state’s road traffic authority. Any information provided by IQU Group Pty Ltd is general in nature only and may not take account of your specific circumstances. It is the responsibility of each user to check their local laws before riding.


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Product Info

The AL1 electric scooter is fitted with a 500W brushless motor, delivering extremely silent technology that requires minimal maintenance, with a very low level of wear and excellent performance at different speeds.

The tubeless wheels are puncture-free; combined with the front and rear suspensions, they absorb vibrations and dampen the unevenness of the road surface.

The e-scooter is equipped with a front disc brake, double electronic and disc rear brake and turn signals on the handlebar to improve safety.

ALeXT is supported by a user App, through which it is possible to monitor vehicle usage data, set cruise parameters and adjust the lights.

Vehicle dimension1260×490×1350mm
Folding size1260×490×590mm
Net weight30.6 kg
Max Load120 kg
Age14+ yo with the use of helmet and protection gears
Height120 - 200 cm
SpeedL1: <= 6km/h | L2: <= 15km/h | L3: <= 20km/h | L4: <= 25km/h (max speed)
Typical RangeUp to 40km (subject to be variable by rider weight, road condition, temperature etc.)
Nominal Power500 W Brushless, 900 W Peak Power
Tyre11” front and rear tubeless tyre
AppBluetooth connection to the user app
Braking methodDual brake: front and rear disc brake & double electronic brake
LightLED front and rear lights



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